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12.01.2012 Talk: J. Kevin O’Regan

“How to make a robot that feels”

Distinguished Lecture Series, Berlin School of Mind and Brain

J. Kevin O’Regan (Paris)

Berlin, 12. Januar 2012, 18.30 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort: Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Festsaal, 2nd floor
Luisenstraße 56
10117 Berlin

Usually ”feel” or, as philosophers often call it, “phenomenal consciousness” or “qualia”, is considered a “hard problem” in consciousness research. There seems to be an “explanatory gap” preventing us from giving a scientific account of feel. I show how the “sensorimotor” approach, by redefining feel as a way of interacting with the world, overcomes this problem. From then on it becomes clear that there is no obstacle to making a robot that feels.

J. Kevin O’Regan, Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception – CNRS
Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France
Website: nivea.psycho.univ-paris5.fr

Organized by:
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Collegium for the Advanced Study of Picture Act and Embodiment,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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