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Embodied Cognition

Philosophy of Embodiment

Organization: Joerg Fingerhut
Partners: Jesse Prinz (CUNY), Alva Noë (CUNY), Shaun Gallagher (Memphis University), Jan Slaby (Languages of Emotions, FU Berlin), Markus Wild (Institut für Philosophie, HU Berlin), Rebekka Hufendiek


  • Workshop/Lecture-Series on the concept of ‘Affordance’ in Philosophy of Mind
  • Workshop/Lecture-Series on Variants of Enactivism in Contemporary Philosophy, the Neurosciences, and Robotics
  • Conference/Publication on ‘Synaesthesia and Kinaesthetics’ (in
    cooperation with the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and the Zentrum für Literaturforschung)
  • Dissertation Rebekka Hufendiek on Theories of Emotion
  • Dissertation Joerg Fingerhut on Enactivist Theories of Perception

Past events

  • Evening lecture and workshop with John Kennedy “Drawing and the
    Blind” (26/27 May 2009)
  • Inaugurate symposium „Sehen und Handeln“ (5/7 November 2009)
  • Evening lecture and workshop with Vitorio Gallese “Aesthetic Experience in Action: A Neuroscientific Perspective” (5/6 March 2010)
  • Evening lecture and workshop with Verena Hafner “Embodied Artificial Intelligence” (18/19 May 2010)
  • Workshop with Jesse Prinz and Sabine Döring “Emotions, Perception, and Morality” (19/20 July 2010)
  • Evening lecture and workshop with Jesse Prinz “Consciousness and the Brain” (21/22 July 2011)
  • International Conference Habitus in Habitat III “Synaesthesia and
    Kinaesthetics” (22-24 October 2010, in cooperation with the Zentrum für Literaturforschung and the Berlin School of Mind and Brain)
  • Jour Fixe-Lecture by Markus Wild “Warum Wahrnehmung zuerst
    Aktivität ist” (30 January 2011)
  • Workshop with Alva Noë “Varieties of Presence” (14 March 2011)
  • Co-organizer of the workshop “The Socially Extended Mind” (21/
    22 March 2011, organization: Jan Slaby / Cluster Languages of
    Emotions in cooperation with the Research College)
  • Lecture by Ezequiel di Paolo “What is the Enactive Body?” (23 March
  • Workshop with Andrea Scarantino “Affordance Perception” (21 June
  • Evening lecture and workshop with Kevin J. O’Regan “How to Make
    a Robot That Feels” (12 February 2012), in cooperation with the
    Berlin School of Mind & Brain.
  • Evening lecture and workshop with Rolf Pfeifer „On the role of embodiment in the emergence of cognition“ in cooperation with RoboLaw (14/15 May 2011)

Research Focus

The cluster “Embodied Cognition” examines the role played by the body
in its interaction with the environment during thought-processes and
perception. In the last two decades, a new school of cognitive science was
established under the label of “Embodied Cognition,” in which classical
theories of artificial intelligence research, psychology, and neuroscience
have been challenged. At its center stands the assumption that cognition
(thought, perception, emotion, and experience) cannot be explained
by focusing on the brain, but must instead include references to the
body and the interaction with its surrounding that both are constitutive
for cognition. The cluster aims to question the terms commonly used
in the debate – “embodiment,” “embedded cognition,” “enactivism,”
and “extended mind” – as well as the concepts underlying them, and to
discuss and sharpen these terms in close exchange with leading figures of
the debate about “Embodied Cognition.”