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Historische Anthropologie der Bilder

The Historical Anthropology of Pictures

Organization: PD Dr. Jörg Trempler, Cooperation: PD Dr. Claus Zittel, Dr. Robert Felfe

The research focus on The Historical Anthropology of Pictures deals with the relationship between pictures and embodiment from a historical perspective. The aim is to define what changes from a temporal point of view when the manner of depiction changes. If “homo depictor” renders objects in his surrounding differently over time, this cannot be exhaustively explained by style, i.e. the way in which the same things are represented differently in the course of a historic development, but due to the altered appropriation of objects in, or through, the picture, must consider the objects themselves, as well. In a picture act, reality is constructed by means of depiction. The history of images is hence able to shed light on the history of human attempts to construct what we call reality.